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A cCompany Dancing

A cCompany Dancing is a collaboration between Riikka Lakea and Vincent Jonsson.


Their improvisation practice of "dancing music" consist of different scores, that play with applying tools from musical composition to movement composition. The scores play with elements like polyrhythms, following different instruments or harmonies on a tune with movement, mimicking or contrasting a style, playing with characters evoked by a music piece, doing solos and leading or following a melody, among others. The practice can be done to music or without music, in which case the movement is seen as music itself. While practicing, Lakea and Jonsson accompany each other, accompany the music playing or let the music accompany their dancing.

The practice is aimed towards developing tools for performing improvised dance. The practice can be applied to both training one's skills as a improvising performer or composing a performance piece based on improvised dance and music.


TripSpace, London, January 2020

Tanssille ry, Helsinki, September 2021

The collaboration has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland with a personal working grant for Riikka Lakea in spring 2020 and fall 2021. 

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