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Camouflage (eng): The use of any combination of materials, coloration or illumination for concealment, disguise, mimesis, simulation or falsification

camouflage is a multilayered landscape where things are both revealed and covered. Under the variegated surface is a speculative (auto)fiction, where the artist reveals their trick. But not everything is what it looks like.

camouflage examines the act of looking and the politics of the gaze. The stage has the potentiality to reveal and obscure, make things invisible or hypervisible. But how do we recognize what we see. What happens in that moment of recognition when you categorize something as “contemporary”, as “art” or as “Black”?

The work scats with ancestors, slips in meanings and dreams of the right to opacity. 

Choreography and concept: Sonya Lindfors

Working group: Esete Sutinen, Julian Owusu, Johanna Karlberg, Riikka Lakea, Tony Sikström, Erno Aaltonen, Jussi Matikainen, Sanna Levo, Sonya Lindfors

Contributors to the process: Elisa Tuovila, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Pauliina Sjöberg, Zen Jefferson

Production assistants: Tuure Kaukua, Riikka Lakea

Residencies: Reykjavik Dance Festival / NREP; MDT, Stockholm; Kone Foundation Saari residence

Coproduction: MDT, Stockholm

Supported by: Arts Promotion Center, Finland, Svenska Kulturfonden, Nordic Culture Point

Pictures: Tuukka Ervasti

Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Sonya Lindfors, UrbanApa, Stoa

Camouflage Tuukka Ervasti 4.jpg
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