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Lokkijuttu/ Gulling

Look out to the sea, smell the wind, put your headphones on and watch the gulls and dancers strutting in the square. What if the boundaries between the human animal and seagull could blur?

Lokkijuttu/Gulling is a site-spesific dance and sound performance located at the Market Square, where more than human realities are observed and imagined. We invite the audience to take a moment to pause amongst the hustle and bustle of the Market Square and follow seagulls and dancers dancing seagull. Through the performers’ movement and the text and sound heard from the headphones, the familiar urban environment and the gulls inhabiting it might be seen from a new, more empathetic perspective.

Notice a seagull strutting on the ground. 

Notice a seagull grooming its feathers.


Observe a gull resting 

                      and floating on the sea.


Does the cold water reach the skin under its coat?


Notice a gull that is standing on one leg

                                       or on a pole

Notice a gull that lands

that is looking for something to eat

                                            is resting

                                            is passing time


Pay attention to how they fly. Does it wear one out like walking does?


Become aware of a gull that observes you. For how long has it been watching you? Will it have the courage to come closer if you allow it?

Notice a seagull

Working group/ Ollab: Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho, Mia Jalerva, Riikka Lakea and Markus Tapio.

The piece premiered as part of Reality Research Center´s Performance Wagon in August 2021.

The piece has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Tour: Manifesti festival, Turku (2023)


Photos: Iiro Rautiainen

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