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What can dance do?

What can dance do? (2022-2024, Vad kan dansen göra?) is a three year long, regional, artistic and infrastructural development project that investigates and asks the question What can dance do? The project investigates dance, dance’s own logic and ability to move people, places and communities in different cities in Östergötland . The project is initiated by dance artist Vincent Jonsson and is a collaboration between Jonsson, Tea Harryson, Riikka Lakea, Dans i Öst/ Region Östergötland and the regional dance collectives Ronny and Blauba.

2022: Dancework /Dansverk 22.01.22

Dancework 22.01.22 was the first public meeting with an audience in the first year of the project What can dance do?. The durational performance consists of five short dance pieces accompanied with audience conversations about dance and experiences of dance. It was performed at museum Passagen in Linköping.

2023: Here and Now / Här och Nu & workshops

During spring 2024 the group continued developing the performative materials from the previous year and created a new, wandering outdoor piece Here and Now, which they performed in Linköping in collaboration with Passagen. Later in the summer the piece was adapted to the center of Mjölby and performed twice in collaboration with Mjölby Kultur- och fritidsförvaltning. 

In addition to creating the outdoor piece, the group organised a workshop for professional dancers in Linköping and held an open-level workshop for the general public and an advanced workshop for the dance group Unlimited in Mjölby.

2024: Here and Now tour 

During 2024 Jonsson, Harryson and Lakea will tour in 4 different cities in Östergötland to adapt and tour the piece Here and Now and hold workshops for local communities.

Performance & facilitation: Vincent Jonsson, Tea Harryson & Riikka Lakea


Production: Vincent Jonsson, Tea Harryson, Blauba & Ronny 

Photo & film: Ana García Diego & Per Enequist

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