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With a little help
from my friends

With a little help from my friends, a musical short film by Oriane Paras and Riikka Lakea, is the result of a collective effort. The film is a collage of desires, ideas and borrowed songs gathered from and performed by its participants, and curated together by Paras and Lakea. It is a sequence of short stories and moments of song, dance, performance, and friendship situated in the everyday urban spaces of Copenhagen.

The project started with an enthusiasm towards film making and musical performance, both subjects that Paras and Lakea used to be complete amateurs in. As contemporary dance artists they wanted to enter a new media with their own expertise and learn how to work with new tools from film and musicals.


The film is a study of vulnerability, togetherness and working with "whatever you've got".


The project was realized as a graduation project from the program Dance & Choreography at the Danish School of Performing Arts.

Publicity: Women Cinemakers vol 19, pages 232-252

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