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Of being in the dark

Of being in the dark arises from a call to the woods and a fear of the dark. The performance is a journey that takes us to a forest at dusk, to the edge of darkness, wandering to the shadow region of street lamps. Of being in the dark is a site-sensitive performance about light pollution, darkness and the fear of the dark. It is a process-oriented project and a draft of a sustainable performance. 


The piece is a 2-hour-long guided walking tour that has so far taken place at and after sundown in Uutela, Helsinki. 


Work group: Mia Jalerva, Ella Kähärä, Riikka Lakea, Oula Rytkönen, Pietu Wikström 

Production: Uniarts Helsinki's Theater Academy

Website and blog (in Finnish)


Photos by Aleks Talve

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