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Something rivering

A passage got its direction from a river delta, a city’s spinalcordveinesofluidintestinephagus.

Jokin suistuu joeksi (Something rivering) is an audio walk piece and a crooked cartography of interactivity between mud, water, paved sidewalks and passages in different sediments of time. It is listening situated on asphalted clay, oxygenless time folds – at the intersections between language, bodies, buildings and constructions.


The piece can be listened to here

Urban Anatomies Teleport: Pie Kär, Tarleena Laakko, Riikka Lakea, Oula Rytkönen and Maja Wilhite-Hannisdal

Production: Ehkä-production and Urban Anatomies Teleport

Residency: Ehkä-production / Kutomo (Turku)

Supported by: City of Turku, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign

Affairs and Performing Arts Hub Norway

Premiere: 2.12.2020 XS festival / Kutomo, Turku

Duration: 30–40 min

Performance language: Finnish

Photo: Pie Kär and Oula Rytkönen

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