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Their Limbs Their Lungs Their Legs

In a gloomy green space, nine performers explore and reconsider modes of bodily existence. The boundaries of their limbs, lungs, and legs are blurred, becoming a part of the universe they inhabit and which inhabits them.

The outdoors turned outside in, indoors. A playful landscape inside a porous and leaky container, formed by the outside. Just like the skin of our bodies, that contains our insides, is formed by those who touch us.

The outside and inside are constantly defined by each other, separated and united through their collective borders. 

Choreography: Lea Moro & working group

Performers: Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho, Anni Kaila, Ella Koikkalainen, Riikka Lakea, Janna Loukas, Aino Purhonen, Ilona Salonen, Jussi Suomalainen

Dramaturgy: Per Ehrnström

Costume & spacial design: Corinna Helenelund 

Sound design: Joonas Pernilä 

Light design: Jani-Matti Salo

Production: Uniarts Helsinki's Theater Academy

Helsingin sanomat (in Finnish)
HBL (in Swedish) 



Photos by Katri Naukkarinen

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