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I have been educated as a dance artist in Copenhagen (The Danish National School of Performing Arts) and Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki's Theater Academy). At the core of my artistic practice are creating performer- and site-specific pieces, using improvisation as a work and performance tool and continuously researching for more sustainable and equal working structures. In my work the roles of performer, choreographer, film maker, facilitator and producer intertwine and are in constant dialogue. My work is guided by an ecological, intersectional, and feminist worldview, that perceives different agents and phenomena as deeply relational and interconnected.

My artistic work builds on collective, dialogical, and low-hierarchical group work. Recently, I have been working on directing and facilitating the film and performance project Aanimals in Aarhus, Denmark, focusing on local animal stories. My earlier choreographic works include e.g. the ongoing research on the improvisation practice dancing music in collaboration with dance artist Vincent Jonsson (2019-) and the process-oriented musical short film With a little help from my friends (2017). My work has been performed around Northern Europe in multiple cities and at festivals like Works at Work in Copenhagen, NEUNOW in Amsterdam and UrbanApa in Helsinki. The latest collaborations, where I worked as a performer and collaborator, include the dance short film Warmly, Viper (2022) and wandering dance piece Here and Now (2023).

I have performed in others' work in Denmark at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Danish Theatre and Aaben Dans- dance theatre and in Finland at Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy and in various works by independent choreographers. I have performed in pieces from Lea Moro (CH), Liz Kinoshita (CA/BE), Rebecca Hilton (AU/SE), Thomas Eisenhardt (DK), Sonya Lindfors (FI) and Valtteri Raekallio (FI), among others.

In addition to my artistic work, I sometimes produce and mentor other artists' work in the performing arts. I have worked as a producer for i.a. choreographer Valtteri Raekallio, choregrapher Sonya Lindfors, Moving in November festival and as the managing director of performing arts platform Circus Maximus.


Photos by Sonia Sanchez Lopez

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