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olento / olio / otus /

eläin / eläjä

Could a performance happen tangibly in both the performers' and the audience members' bodies? Maybe the mass of sound can be felt rather than just heard, and maybe the performance space can become an experiential landscape or terrain, rather than an image to look at?

In the performance olento / olio / otus / eläin / eläjä (freely translated to English: creature / crawler / critter / animal / alive) the performers are exploring human animality in their movement, giving bodily thinking and affect the primary responsibility for analyzing and structuring events. The movement manifests in a highly sensuous state, where the need to plan beforehand and categorize becomes meaningless. The performers awareness is directed towards perceiving the subtle, imminently emergent and playful flow of movement happening in each moment.

The performance is an homage to all things living, and to bodily knowledge, which all of us critters have some kind of experience of regardless of which species we represent.

Working group: Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho, Mia Jalerva, Riikka Lakea and Markus Tapio. 

Production: Uniarts Helsinki's Theater Academy


Photos by Joonatan Aaltonen

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