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warmly, Viper

warmly, Viper (2022, in Finnish terveisin, Kyy) is a dance short film about becoming a viper snake, following a transformational journey of moulting old skin and adopting the ophidian perspective. The film is a movement study on the more-than-human in our human bodies. The piece was composed through asking what vipers might tell us, if only we could understand their language. 

Concept, direction, choreography, performance & production

Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho & Riikka Lakea 

Original music: Joonatan Aaltonen

Videography: Matilda Aaltonen, Taru Aho, Antti Ahokoivu & Riikka Lakea


Viper footage: Janne Salomeri


Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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