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BUNDLE is a performance where five performers continuously create new images of a community. The cluster is colorful, nostalgic, kind and caring. The piece is a collage of many different scores and compositions where the performers materialize communities and organisms that work with certain rules and harmonies: BUNDLE is a band, a flock, a park of statues, a slow dancing multiheaded creature and a choir. 

BUNDLE contemplates on and gives examples of togetherness and cooperation. It reminds us of the importance of touch, equality and empathy towards each other. Throughout the performance we aim for an open and direct dialog with the audience and hope that the spectators can feel themselves included in the whole. 

BUNDLE was created during a self-organized residency called Relational Regions. The working group consists of five dance artists Susanna Ujanen (FIN), Hampus Bergenheim (SWE), Valtteri Keinänen (FIN), Riikka Lakea (FIN) and Anne Rönkkö (FIN/SWE). 


The group worked in Västerbotten, Sweden and Ostrobothnia, FInland in the summer of 2017 and again in Umeå in 2018, giving morning classes to local professionals, creating a new piece and touring it. The goal of the project in the long run is to develop the local dance scene in Västerbotten and Ostrobothnia by creating new platforms for networking and making work in the areas. The project was initiated by Hampus Bergenheim and Susanna Ujanen.


Premiere: Umeå and Vasa 2017


UrbanApa x Ateneum-festival, Helsinki

Olohuone 306,4 km2-festival, Turku

Vännäs dagarna, Vännäs

Trästock festivalen, Skellefteå

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